LightBox Series

The waterproof CBM LightBox luminaire has been specially designed to create high-end LED lighting in applications with low ceiling height (8′-10 ‘). Most light strips and LED tubes provide optimal lighting directly under the fixture, this works well for lighting areas with high ceilings and unobstructed. As the fixtures are lowered, the optimal lighting area narrows, creating a need for more fixtures in low ceiling applications to achieve the same coverage. Another complication in modern livestock facilities is the amount of equipment hanging from the ceilings for building power or ventilation, these elements further limiting the performance of standard vapor-tight LED lighting.

With the LightBox design, CBM has developed a fixture that reduces the amount of light required in a low ceiling application and creates a better environment with less shade. By changing the angle of the beam on the sides and ends of the luminaire, the LightBox offers up to 60% more area coverage compared to standard luminaires. This results in better lighting quality and fewer fixtures required per application. Along with these design improvements, the LightBox still maintains the CBM lighting quality performance that customers rely on.

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