Controls Series

Two dimmer models, a slave version and a programmable master, combined with different power and amperage. CBM (DTD-1) and CBM (DTD-2) the only devices specially designed for dimming CBM 120, 230V LED lamps from 0.2% to 100% without flashing / flickering.

Advanced lighting regulator for two-color LEDs
With its touch screen, the LUMIX offers you an intuitive and very simple interface. This light controller allows you to control the light intensity as well as the two-color red and white, based on lux and kelvin demand number measured by its light sensor, on a schedule that can go up to 24 periods of 24 steps. The LUMIX has 2 10 Amps lighting outputs compatible with American and European standards (120V/240V, 50Hz/60Hz) and an alarm relay.

An Ideal programmable slave or master control for application such as agricultural building and in any application that needs dimming.  Available in 120V. This control offers considerable savings in both energy consumption an in maintenance costs

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